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missed ítem for my purchase


  • arocini started the conversation

    Hello everyone!

    Basically, I bought a lemars theme to blog wordpress, and the ads informations says about 5 themes. Unfortunately, is impossible to find the theme that I interested, just the " 04 HOME BLOG GRID"... The documents I´ve received, I didn´t find anything, only "05 HOME BLOG GRID".

    There´s any mistake, and I would like to receive the correct theme. 

    Could you please help me about it?

    Best regards, 

    Ana Paula

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    Khelesh replied

    Hello arocini

    Thanks to be our customer.

    Are you import demo data or not? 

    If not then import demo data to understanding all pages changes on your Web Application.


    Khelesh M

    DexignZone Team