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Please refund immediately


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    techagni started the conversation

    It has been 48hours now. I need a full refund straight away.  This service is good for nothing. Please refund immediately.

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    techagni replied


    Whats happening  on this? This has now been a week after my purchase? I havent been able to instal neither had any proper support from you guys or even didnt had a reply for my refund request? 

    Kind Regards


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    techagni replied

    This has now ben more than a week. I have been purchasing word press themes and modifying websites on my own for last few years. 

    Never seen any delay like this at all. And silly excuses. Last excuse was you were uploading files. Uploading a 23 MB file wont take more than 1 minute? 

    I am sorry this has come to this. I have purchased a new theme and will be working on this. I need a FULL REFUND at the earliest. 

    No More explanations and excuses, Just Confirm you have processed a REFUND. That is all I need t hear from you Guys.