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  • rach7818 started the conversation

    Hello there!

    I cannot import the demo content of the Le Mars Theme.  I have tried to fix this, and also the senior technicians at Siteground have tried, but it won't import.  I am struggling to create the same look and feel of your demos without it, so if I can't use the demo contact I'd love a refund. 

    I have been trying to get this to work for a week now, and I have googled, asked for help, and tried to follow the documentation provided - but it is quite basic info on there, it feels a little out of date? I followed the below info from the documentation to the letter:

    Lemars comes with one click demo installation exactly like the original demo. You just need to verify that you have set the time limit to zero in /wp-includes/functions.php by finding set_time_limit function. Just click on Import button and your demo site is ready.

    1. In your Wordpress admin dashboard, navigate to Tools → Import Demo.

    2. From the page you can see the available options, click Import Demo Button

    3. Wait until you see the all importing process is completed."

    I asked Siteground for help, and they said this:

    "I tried changing PHP versions and then traced the system calls made during the import process. The admin-ajax.php and tools.php scripts were timing out, as such I added a 300 second dynamic timeout for them. Afterwards the import process caused the application to malfunction and error out in a 500 status message.

    I would advise getting in touch with the theme provider and acquire the demo files, so that we can install it manually."

    I gave them the dummy/demo files you guys supplied and then they tried again to import them, with this reply:

    "I tried to import the demo content in an alternative way, but unfortunately to no avail.

    As much as I would like to assist you, in this case it would be best to consult with the very theme provider or developer."

    So here I am!  I am very stuck. Can you help?

    Thanks, Rachel

  • rach7818 replied

    These are screenshots of the two error messages that come up when we try and import the demo

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 13.30.10.png
      Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 14.50.16.png

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    Rahul replied

    Hello Rach7818,

    Really sorry for late reply. Our support department was on leave due to health issue.

    Please share your live url and admin details and cpanel or ftp details so our technical team will setup your website on your domain. 


    Rahul S



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    Khelesh replied

    Hello rach7818

    Please give us some more time, our team will resolve your problem as soon as possible.


    Khelesh M

    DexignZone Team

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    Khelesh replied

    Hello rach7818

    Demo data is already imported, actually all pages is saved in Trash.

    check : http://prntscr.com/r12kuj

    Developer restore Home Page 06 and you can check it.

    check it: http://leveluplive.co.uk/home-06/

    All demo data is available on your website.


    Khelesh M

    DexignZone Team

  • rach7818 replied

    That's amazing, 

    Thanks so  much for your help.  

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    Khelesh replied

    We are happy to help you.

    We need your favor, would you like give us 5 star rating to our item if you like our design and supportacFDf4ncyryGlSUavazIKRWX644SQkMuqAoFRRxQeFUFuqX9YbFblZ8yEWKrdhL5hRz8GU3ep6c2zkl3egMuy7Qe1qvSnfmn8jw9xbNTtQBEzvJqmr16sLQbAolKf0Ssjl6xhAHc   

    Go to your Theme-forest Account 

    Follow this image :)



    Khelesh M

    DexignZone Team

  • rach7818 replied

    Of course Khelesh, happy to do that :)