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Home page laoding and Mobile View Issue


  • BrahmmiDigi started the conversation

    Dear Team,

    Thanks for this amazing theme and we loved it!

    After all, now we are facing some issues as below. I am mentioning the issues one by one below.

    1. Home page is loading too slowly, I mean the top section (banner section) is loading slowly and then it appears. you can see the link.

    2. In mobile, (Please check and see), i need the logo to be center align and the bottom 2 buttons also should be in center below the logo.

    3. In mobile, i don't want the sticky header through out the page. It should be come at once and if user scroll down, sticky header should go off and if the use goes up, sticky header should come. because it is covering lots of space in mobile screen. (This point n. 3 issue i am saying only in mobile)

    4. And, in home page, in banner i need the text and button to be smaller and center align in mobile. (attached screen1.png)

    Please help us to resolve the above issues as early as possible.

    Thank You!

    Attached files:  screen1.PNG

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    Khelesh replied

    Hello BrahmmiDigi 

    Thanks to be our customer.

    1. Page Loading: you have to optimized all images, CSS and JS files, enable GZIP compression to fast quick page loading.

    2. Sticky Header: you have to remove sticky-header class from header in mobile view.

    check it: http://prntscr.com/qtflza

    3. Logo Center: please give your FTP details to do it, our designer will work on this.

    4. Rev Slider Font-Size: you can change font-size in different screen [desktop, notebook, tablet, mobile]  using html file.

    check it: http://prntscr.com/qtfpz6

    OR you can hire our team any extra work, we are always ready to help you out.


    Khelesh M

    DexignZone Team

  • BrahmmiDigi replied

    Hello Team,

    Good Morning.

    Thank you for your quick revert.

    But still we are not getting the issues solved and there is no clarity on your reply.

    and hence we are sharing the login access to the folder of website and please do the needful.

    Below are the things that you need to solve for us:

    1. Sticky header issue ( mobile view only)

    2. Please make Logo center and 2 buttons to be in center (in mobile)

    3. And if you see all the pages in mobile, in some pages the header part (logo, 2 buttons and the menu toggle icon) are fluctuating/shaking. Please solve this as this is the major issue for us. I have attached one screenshot (screen2.png) for you reference of this issue and you can also see this issue particularly in http://brahmmidigi.com/samyanc/about-us.html 

    Below is the path where you have to work. (Please don't open or click on any other folders)

    Step 1: Login using username and Password given below
    Login URL: https://sso.godaddy.com/?realm=idp&path=%2Fproducts&app=account
    Username: Cool_Arun
    Password:  NewMyPass@123$

    Step 2:  On top right under my name, Go to 'My Products' and next Click on 'Manage' button in front of Hosting - Deluxe cPanel

    Step 3: Then you will see the dashboard and then click on 'cPanel Admin' black button

    Step 4: Then it takes you to cPanel dashboard and then click on 'File Manager' link

    Step 5: Then click and open 'public_html' folder

    Step 6: Then click and open 'brahmmidigi.com' folder

    Step 7: Then click and open 'samyanc' folder (This is the folder you need to work and help us to solve the above issues)

    Thank You.

    Attached files:  Screen2.PNG

  • BrahmmiDigi replied

    Hello team,

    We are waiting for your reply. We have opened this ticket 2 days ago

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    Khelesh replied

    Sorry BrahmmiDigi , we are facing some issue here, please wait. We will update you soon.